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Locked Out Of Your Home? Discover The Methods Used By Locksmiths To Help You Get Back In

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Unfortunately, far too many people will attempt to deal with a lockout on their own simply because they fail to understand exactly how a locksmith can help them to get back into their home in a timely fashion. Consequently, these individuals will often end up doing damage to their own property in order to regain entry to the home rather than simply calling an emergency locksmith to do the job for them. Thankfully, you can help to ensure that you never make this same mistake by taking just a few minutes to learn more about the methods used by locksmiths and how these methods can help you regain entry to your home without damaging your house in the process.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is a skill that requires a significant amount of practice to master. When picking a lock, either hand tools or an electronic picker are used to manipulate the pins inside of the lock so that it will open. While you may think that your locks cannot be picked simply because you were unsuccessful in your own attempts, this does not mean that all hope is lost. In fact, a qualified locksmith (such as one from Redmond Lock & Key) will be able to resolve a high number of lockouts using this particular method. Best of all, this method will not cause any damage to your home or locks.


When you stick a key into the lock on your door, the grooves and ridges on the key match up with the pins inside your lock and ultimately allow you to unlock the door. However, if you were to stick a blank (uncut) key into the door, these pins would simply leave behind scratches where they came into contact with the key. Locksmiths can use these scratches to create a blueprint for a new key. This process is known as impressioning since locksmiths must rely on the impression the lock makes on a blank key in order to cut a key that will work. While highly effective, this process can be time consuming. Therefore, not all locksmiths will choose to use this method.


If both lock picking and impressioning have proven unsuccessful, your locksmith will have no choice but to drill through the lock in order to open the door. While this process will destroy the lock, replacing this lock will be far more cost effective than repairing the damage that is often done when trying to find other ways to regain entry to your home. For instance, replacing the lock on your front door will clearly be less expensive and far more convenient than replacing a broken window.