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Situations Where You Should Change The Locks On Your Home

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Locks provide security and peace of mind for most homeowners, but there are several situations where locks need to be changed in order to keep both the home and family safe. In most cases you can change the locks yourself with a little bit of time and effort, or you can hire a locksmith to re-key your lock. In the following situations it is in your best bet to change the locks on the doors to your home:

Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new home is very exciting, but you can't discount the fact that the previous owners may have given keys to people that you don't know. It may cost you a little bit of time and money to change all of the locks to exterior doors, but it well worth the peace of mind to know that know other person can get into your house without a new key. 

Stolen Purse

The scariest thing about having your purse stolen is the fact that the thief has access to personal information such as your address if your drivers license is in your purse. Any time that your purse is stolen with you keys in it, it is essential to change your locks as soon as possible. In addition to replacing the locks in your home, it is also a good idea to change the lock on your mailbox.

Separation or Divorce

Unfortunately, many couples go through separations or divorces. If you live in the family home and you are legally separated or divorced, it is well worth the investment to have locks changed. Once a relationship deteriorates, it is a good idea for both parties to have there own secure spaces. Even if an ex spouse or significant other returns the keys to your home, you never know if they have an extra copy. Give yourself peace of mind by changing all of your locks.

Roommates Move Out

It is not uncommon for adults to have roommates to share the rent/mortgage and household costs to make things more affordable for everyone. But no matter how much you like your roommate, once he or she moves out it is a good idea to change the locks. You don't know who your previous roommate may have given a key to, and you don't know how many copies there may have been. Roommates can be a financial godsend, but you still have to ensure your safety after a roommate moves out.

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