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Changing The Locks And Other Home Security Adjustments You Should Make After Adopting A Dog

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Adopting a dog comes with a long list of things you need to do as you welcome these furry creatures into your home and your heart. One often overlooked area that needs to be addressed after a dog adoption is your home security and your locks. In order to keep everyone safe, including your dog, here are three things you should do:

1. Switch from keyed locks to locks with codes

If you are going to be having dog walkers, sitters, groomers or other professionals come to your home to help you with your dog, it will be easier if you have codes on your locks. With keyed entry locks, you have to make multiple copies of your keys, and if anyone loses one, that compromises the security of your entire house.

In contrast if your locks have codes, you can give a code to all of your dog-based employees, and if they quit working for you, you can change the codes easily for your safety.

2. Add locks to your pet door

With a dog in the house, you may get an extra entry way. If you opt to install a doggy door, keep in mind that these pooch portals make your home inherently more vulnerable. Small thieves can crawl right through a door for a large dog, and long-armed thieves can reach through a poorly positioned doggy door to unlock windows or doors.

Talk with a locksmith about securing your doggy door. You can add lockable flaps that allow you to secure the door completely if you are out of town, or you can add an automatic electronic lock that opens the door when activated by a device attached to your pup's collar.

3. Modify your security system to protect your dog

In addition to switching locks and locking pet doors to increase the security around your home, consider modifying your security system to give an extra layer of protection to your dog. If your current system doesn't have fire or carbon monoxide detectors built into it, call your security company and ask for a new system with those elements in place.

When you add these features to your security system, it allows the system to detect those threats as well as thieves. If your dog is home alone and a fire starts, the system will detect the fire and call the monitoring company. The monitoring company, in turn, will send over firefighters to deal with the fire and rescue your dog.

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