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3 Reasons To Consider A Wireless Smart Lock

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One of the most useful locks to consider for your home is a wireless smart lock, mostly because it can provide you with quite a few benefits that other types of traditional and high-tech locks simply cannot compete with. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider a wireless smart lock.

Guest Access

One of the more interesting reasons to consider a wireless smart lock is that it can provide you with quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to providing your guests with access to your home. Rather than having to make sure that you are home to allow a houseguest to enter your home or making him or her a spare key, a wireless smart lock will allow you to give your guest a digital key. This digital key will be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet via the app used by the lock on your home.

When your guest is within the range of the wireless lock, he or she can simply open the app and the lock will detect the digital key and permit the guest to enter. The nice part about this is that you can customize the digital key in a number of ways in order to make your home more secure. For example, the digital key can offer only a set number of uses, be valid only during certain hours, or expire after a set amount of time. 

Access Tracking

Another reason to consider this type of lock is that it can provide you with an access log to help you determine who entered your house and at what time. This can be useful to help you narrow down the list of suspects if you believe that something has been stolen from your home by a guest or visitor or if you simply want to know exactly what time your child attempted to sneak back into the house after staying out past his or her curfew.

Multiple Access Methods

Finally, this lock is a great option if you are worried about you or a member of your family getting locked out of the house. Since a wireless smart lock can be opened via a smartphone, tablet, secure website, and traditional key, it can be very difficult to end up locked out of your house as you would need to forget a few different items rather than simply misplacing your keys. 

Contact a High Security locksmith today in order to discuss which type of wireless smart lock would be a good fit for your home and budget. A wireless smart lock can help you track who has accessed your home, allow you to give access to your guests easily, and make it very difficult to lock yourself out of your home.