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Opening A New Business? Security Measures You Should Take For Your Computer Server Room

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No matter the size of your computer server room your business has, it should be well controlled and monitored. This room is one of the most important rooms in your business, as the servers manage your computer network. Below are three options you have to choose from.

Keyed or Keyless Lock

Keep the computer door locked by using an actual key or a keyless lock. If you do choose to use a key, make sure the keys cannot be duplicated just in case they get into the wrong hands. In most cases, unduplicated keys have a rare shape. If you do have keys that can be duplicated, you should consider changing the locks and keys periodically.

If you decide to use keyless locks, ask the person that is in charge of the locks to change the code periodically, such as once a week or once a month. With some keyless lock systems, you can provide different employees to different codes. This is helpful if someone leaves the company because it will be much easier to deactivate their access code.

If you decide to use keyed locks, it is very important that you think of the employees that are locked inside the room. There may be times when they will need to exit the sever room quickly, such as if there is a fire. It would take time for them to use their key to unlock the door.

To allow quick exit, you can use an exit device. This is a type of door hardware that will allow the server room doors to stay locked on the outside, but still allow quick exit from the inside without having to use their key to unlock the door. A spring loaded metal bar is fixed horizontally on the inside of the door. This is also known as a crash bar or panic bar. A person only has push the bar to open the door. If you have an employee that is in a wheelchair, you should install the crash bar low enough so they are able to open the door.

Authentication System

Another solution is to use an authentication system that is incorporated into the locking device so a biometric scan, token, or smart card is required to unlock the computer server room doors. The authorized users are kept in a database, and when they use the card, toke, or scan, it matches the credentials they have.

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