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Why Smartkey Locks Might Be More Vulnerable

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Smartlkey technology has made it possible to reprogram locks so that they can be used with any key. This is useful if a property must have its locks changed regularly, such as if a landlord wants to be able to easily change locks after a tenant moves out. While they are convenient, they are very insecure and it is better to simply have your locks replaced by a commercial locksmith.

Easily Picked

Smartkey locks are very easy to open with a screwdriver and a pair of locks. It does not come with the strength that a pin-tumbler lock has, making the lock much easier to pick. This can place your tenants in danger.


However, there are also much more high-tech ways of bypassing a smartkey lock that can make it possible to reprogram the lock to work with a different key. This can provide an intruder with long-term access to the property until the smartkey locks are replaced.

Can Be Unlocked By Mobile Devices

Some smartkey locks can be remotely locked and unlocked with a mobile device. While this may seen convenient, it is possible to use the mobile device, with access to the smartkey lock, to grant permanent access to another phone. A burglar simply needs access to the phone to program his or her own phone so that it can now unlock the lock.


When your smartphone is communicating with the lock, it is wrapped in 128-bit AES encryption. This is the lowest level of encryption that is allows by the U.S. government for SECRET level intelligence, but not TOP SECRET level intelligence. This is a decent level of encryption, but can still be cracked by a skilled hacker. However, most hackers of this level of skill would not use these talents to hack a door lock. It is more likely that the other methods would be used to bypass a smartkey lock.

May Not Download Blacklisted Keys

One security feature that comes with smartkey locks is a list of blacklisted keys that they should not accept. However, these locks need to connect to the Internet to download the latest keys. If the lock is not able to download the latest blacklisted keys, it will still be vulnerable to them.

Commercial locksmiths are able to have a door fitted with a new lock very quickly. Many locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, allowing for a door to be quickly fitted with a lock when an evicted tenant attempts to continue to live in his or her apartment. To learn more, contact a commercial locksmith service like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc