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The Locksmithing Guide To Classic Car Restorations And Problems With Lost, Mismatched And Worn Out Car Keys

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You have found the perfect car to start your restoration project, but there is a problem with the pile of keys that came with the old car. This is often due to problems with key cylinders being worn out, poor repairs and old door hardware. Therefore, you may need to do repairs to car locks. The following guide will help you with repairing the locks and ignition of your classic restoration project:

1. Repairing Lock Cylinders If the Original Keys Are Still in Good Shape and Still Work

There are several lock cylinders on your car, which can wear out and pieces inside of them can break. If the original keys are not too worn, then you may want to have a locksmith repair any damaged lock cylinders that are not working or causing problems. This can also add value to your car by preserving some of the original parts and keys.

2. Repairing the Ignition Cylinder and Parts That Cause Problems with the Key and Starting Your Classic Car

The ignition cylinder of your car may also need to be repaired if you are having problems starting your car. This is often due to the rings and connections inside the key cylinder. If you have the original key and want to keep it, then you will want to have these problems repaired by a professional locksmith. They can replace any worn or damaged parts inside the key cylinder and preserve other original parts that may still be in good shape.

3. Replacing All Locks If They Do Not Match to Ensure Your Car Only Needs One Key for Everything

Poor repairs that have been done to classic cars over the years can add up and need to be addressed when doing proper restoration work. One of the problems that you may have is keys that are different for doors, ignition and trunks. A locksmith can help you with replacing original locks to ensure you only need keys that were meant for your model car. There are also options for replacing all the locks to be operated with one key, which is how modern cars are designed.

4. Updating Your Car with Modern Features Like Remote Starting for More Custom Restoration Projects

There may be some custom features that you want to do to your classic car restoration that a locksmith can help you with. These can include things like remote starting, automatic doors and other features that are more common on modern new car models.

These are some tips to help you with your classic car restoration and the problems with locks that need to be repaired. If you are ready to start working on the finishing touches of your classic restoration and need locks repaired or replaced, contact a locksmith to repair these problems before you start driving.