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3 Powerful Reasons For Modern-Day Business Owners To Consider Commercial Card Access Control System Installations

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Business owners who have multiple employees need to consider whether their current lock systems are providing adequate security. Locks that require keys may need to be upgraded or replaced for a variety of reasons such as former employees not returning keys. Current employees may make honest mistakes and lose keys. This leaves businesses vulnerable to vandalism and other criminal acts such as theft.

Owners have the option to replace locks or get re-key services. However, these methods can end up being costly. Upgrading to a commercial card access control system is a viable way to eliminate keys. The following points highlight a few other benefits of choosing this option.

Control Access Points  

With a key system, individuals may access a variety of areas within a business. It might be impossible to tell if employees are entering areas that they should not be in. A commercial card access control system allows business owners to customize cards with different levels of access. This can eliminate theft and fraud. It can also protect sensitive documents in office environments from being accessed by individuals who are not authorized.

Some companies have individuals such as contractors who are not employees. These individuals can be given temporary key cards to use throughout their day. The temporary cards can be programmed to be used only in the areas where they will be working. They can be deactivated and reactivated daily until the job is complete.

Remote Access

Some business owners are not present at their businesses every day. There are others who have multiple business locations that they may need to monitor. A commercial card access control system installation can simplify the duties of whoever handles the security and monitoring of properties. Locations can be monitored remotely wherever an internet connection is available. This simplifies monitoring and can improve productivity and security.

Another benefit of choosing this type of installation is that it can be scaled up or down without interference. If a location closes it can be taken off of the monitoring. New locations can be added, and relocations can be disabled and added to their new location. Cards can be disabled through the system even if security or a business owner is not at a property.

Harder to Duplicate

Keys may be duplicated without a business owner's knowledge. Commercial key cards are difficult to duplicate. If a card is lost, it can be disabled and a new one can be issued. This makes a commercial card access control system the ideal solution for 24/7 monitoring and protection. A  commercial locksmith is a good resource to use to learn more about control access systems and the many benefits they offer.

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