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Problems You Want Locksmiths To Repair For Older Commercial Building Locks

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If you've had the same locks on your commercial building for years, they may start breaking down. If this happens in any of these ways, you should hire a commercial locksmith to ensure they don't create security issues in the future.

Loose Components

Your commercial building's locks have several key components that can become loose over time, such as the bolt, body, pin, and cylinder. If you don't have experience with these lock components, a DIY repair may be out of the question. You may instead need to hire a commercial locksmith.

Regardless of what lock variety is on the doors around your commercial property, locksmiths can tighten components and thus ensure they work smoothly from here on out. That should be enough to get a couple more years of use from them as long as you perform the right maintenance steps.

Bolts That Don't Move

The part that's responsible for engaging locks on your commercial building's doors is the bolt. Older locks can sometimes have bolts that don't move at all, which is a problem because it renders these locks useless from a security standpoint. The best way to deal with this situation is to hire a commercial locksmith.

They can see why the bolt isn't moving at all. Usually, dirt and debris have gotten inside the lock and thus preventing the bolt from turning over. This is a simple fix for commercial locksmiths. If the bolt is severely damaged, your locksmith can replace it with another.

Rust on the Exterior

If the locks on your commercial doors are really old, some of them may have started to rust. If this has started on the exterior, hire commercial locksmiths fast before rust moves to internal components and thus makes it necessary to find replacement locks.

A locksmith will have special cleaning chemicals and scrubbing brushes that they can use for rust on the exterior. With enough scrubbing action, they should be able to remove rust and thus keep it from spreading. They can also apply a protective coat on the exterior of your locks after rust is removed.

If you have older commercial locks that malfunction at the worst possible time, you can remain calm and just hire commercial lock repair services. Whether the locks have rust or their components don't work great anymore, these professionals can figure out repairs that enable you to still use these locks for the foreseeable future.