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Commercial Lock And Key Upgrades

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Outdated locks could place your business at risk of being robbed. A locksmith can use retrofitted materials to improve the existing locks. They can also furnish you with a patented key control service. A patented service will prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys.

Retrofitted Materials

The locksmith you hire may be able to retrofit existing locks with new hardware. Retrofitting locks will eliminate the need to purchase expensive lock systems. The locksmith will switch out the internal parts of the lock, but save the outer casing materials that comprise a lock system.

During a service appointment, a locksmith will inspect each lock that is installed on a door. They will then tell you about some lock products that will greatly improve the security that each door provides.

You will be supplied with a cost comparison that will indicate how much money you will save by choosing retrofitted materials instead of new lock systems. Retrofitting existing locks may not require as much time to complete compared to swapping out old lock systems with new ones. All of the materials that are used for retrofitting purposes will be new. Your locksmith will disassemble the locks. Then they will install the new materials.

A Patented Program

If you issue keys to your employees, there may be instances in which the keys become misplaced and need to be duplicated. Choosing to have key copies made at several locations may not be the safest way to acquire keys for your place of business.

If many service providers are responsible for cutting keys, there could be instances in which keys are made without your permission. A patented key program restricts unauthorized people from seeking replacement keys.

All of the keys that are made for your business will be the responsibility of the locksmith who you hire. They will be the only person who is authorized to make duplicates or handle the reprogramming of any lock system within your business.

Your Locksmith's Services

Patented keys require the use of special key blanks. These blanks will be specifically used for the patented keys that will be cut by the locksmith. For this reason, there will be no concern about someone being able to make copies without your consent.

Your locksmith will outline how a patented program works. They will tell you about the cost of the keys that they will be making, plus will indicate how long it will take to receive additional copies. A patented service is a legal agreement between you and the locksmith. For more information, contact a locksmith near you.